Damp Proofing

Damp proofing

Buildings and floors lose their moisture due to harsh weather conditions. Damp Proofing is similar to construction and is beneficial in moisture control and preventing walls and floors from moisture.

Damp Proofing is different from waterproofing because damp proofing keeps moisture away from the soil, but waterproofing keeps away both liquid and water.

When homeowner builds their luxury house, they need to take some precautionary measures to save the aesthetic beauty of the house from extreme environmental conditions. Pegasus Stone offers their expertise and professional damp provers, who are well aware of the issues and take action accordingly.

Banish Dampness – A Key to a Healthy & Safe Room

Damp Proofing is required in those areas, that are near high water tables and serve soil water conditions. It is done through the coating on the outside of the wall. It provides a barrier to your house against moisture.

A mixture of concrete is a perfect choice to keep away the moisture from houses because concrete itself is a resident of water. At Pegasus Stone, we offer our best services to the clients that help them secure their homes from harsh environmental conditions.

Get a Sustainable Living Space – No More Moisture

Damp Proofing can be done through different ways and materials such as Poly Wall, which is a liquid wrap of blue barriers, that is rightly applied over the distracted surface after filling the holes, cracks, and gaps.

If you are facing any issue related to damp proofing, we are here to facilitate you with our best and most customized services.

Certified Damped Specialist

Damp Proofing is a vital investment for a property owner. It not only protects your building from damage but also secures it for the future. We are committed to quality and have professionals who are well-trained in their work with a portfolio of best services and reviews of the clients.

We satisfy our clients and work according to their desires so that they can live in their homes peacefully and safely.

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